Enter the Future of Recruiting

We designed our line of services to ease the path of foreign IT professionals to relocate and start their career in Scandinavia. Our people-first approach guides us to the best candidate-experience and ensure a stable process.

What we Do

Expand the Pool of Candidates

Our recruiters are spread across the continent to keep up with upcoming talent. We create teams for each candidate, consisting of recruiters from the country of origin and the country of destination. This enables us to serve our candidates better.    


Networks within the educational sectors across the Union


Candidate-oriented services attracts top talent


We verify credentials and ensure validity of documents of all candidates members. The variety in nationality amongst our staff members allow us to dig deeper

Full spectrum tech

Our recruitment consultants are experienced with position placement from cyber security to IoT

Assessing talent

Our recruitment consultants are experienced in weighing candidates against positions. We help identify specialists, leaders and future executives for your organization


Profiling or trait-measuring can be used as a management tool and gives insights into team dynamics. Psychological testing can be a great opener for dialogue


Our Focus and Services

We deliver candidate-oriented services, customised to the needs of your next employee. As many of our candidates are relocating from other parts of Europe, we have made it our mission to clear as many roadblocks as possible. We assist with housing, spousal recruitment, daycare arrangements etc. Our industry insights and experienced recruiters help candidates gain perspective and make informed decisions about their career. Our legal team manages tax transfers, financial matters, visa/work permits etc.

While we are happy to accommodate any testing-requirements your company may have, our focus is on delivering services that enables your future employee to get started and settle into their new job.


Candidate fulfillment


Close collaboration with recruitment team

The hotbed of tech developers

Talent acquisition 

Universities in Eastern Europe have climbed to the top of the best ranked tech universities worldwide as they invested heavily in the technologi-educational sector, many of them graduating 1300-2200 students every year. With countries as Poland ranking 11th in the English Proficiency Index, language barriers are diminished and the culteral differences negligible. 

Distance and unfamiliarity has driven business from outsourcing to reaching broader when recruiting. Companies need in-depth knowledge of their business practice from their employees when implementing change.  


We collaborate with local networks


Candidate-oriented services ensures follow-through

Require a highly specialised worker?

Reach out to us and specify the qualifications needed in your next employee

When recruitment is more than forwarding emails and test scores

We share our insights with our candidate members and help them plan out their lives during and after relocating. We take on an active role in guiding our candidate members. 

IT Recruitment servicing the Scandinavian countries with emphasis on successful on-boarding and acclimation.



Tel: (+45) 91 528 555

Office hours 10-17 (GMT+1)

Our main office is located in Esbjerg, Denmark