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Due to high demands for IT personnel in Scandinavia, we are able to offer a line of services designed to ease the path of relocating. Our candidate members are met with a team dedicated to find them the best job-match and assist in all aspects of clearing roadblocks for you to pursue your career goals. 

what to expect

Your Team

If you are recruited through our company, you will be assigned to a recruitment team consisting of a recruitment consultant from the country you’re applying to and your country of origin – if possible. You will also have access to a legal team, that stands at the ready to assist you with taxes, work permits and help you handle the financial aspects of relocating. 


Reliable and supportive team behind you


Let experts in their field handle your challenges

what we provide

Reach Further

Applying to hundres of jobs across the european continent isn’t feasible for most people. Our contact to employers is swift and direct, allowing you to focus on developing your skill set instead of writing yet another job-specific application. We tirelessly seek employment on behalf of our candidate members and scrutinize job offers based on salary data statistics from the region and field. 


Get presented to an array of employers


Get a recruitment consultant, who's on your side

Our Services

What We Offer


We help you put your best foot forward. Our recruitment consultants know how to help candidates present themselves to employers and will take a hands-on approach in collaboration with you.

competitive offers

We ensure that offers presented to our candidate members are aligned with those of the region, seniority and specialism. Our legal team ensures the legality of each offer.

A range of services

Our list of services provided to candidates include housing assistance, spousal recruitment, budget assistance, work-permit aid and much more. 

The right fit

Skill set, seniority and compensation package should all match, when accepting a job offer. Finding the right fit for you also includes a discussion of company culture, team composition and growth opportunities. 

Legal aid and tax assistance

We have former tax revenue officers from several european countries among our staff. They stand at the ready to assist you in tax transfer and getting your finances on track. 

Comfortable vetting

While vetting is necessary in recruitment, it doesn’t  have to feel like you’re being interrogated. We verify credentials and ensure validity of documents.

IT Recruitment servicing the Scandinavian countries with emphasis on successful on-boarding and acclimation.



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