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About Europe Marketing Association

We consistently collaborate with other agencies, universities and industry organisations. Our people-first approach to business-building is deeply rooted within our company’s culture and nothing is more important to us than our goals of transparency and accountablility matching reality.

Our strong commitment and different approach to our candidates stems from research conducted into candidate’s satisfaction in ordinary recruitment settings. Substantial evidence pointed towards experiences of feeling devalued during the vetting phase and too much emphasis being put on results of personality testing. While these are valid assessment  tools, they can also cloud the conversation. By taking on a more personal approach, our recruiting consultants manage to obtain in-depth knowledge of our candidate members and can easily navigate our candidate-pool to ensure optimal matches.

A New Approach to Efficient and Thoughtful Recruitment

While most agencies in the recruitment industry regard the hiring employers as their sole client, we, at Europe Marketing Assoc. take a slightly different approach. Our candidates are viewed as members of our organisation and receive ongoing services, even after having entered employment.

Most of our candidates are relocating from within the European Union and thus, have a greater need for a professional support network.

We pitch our candidate members to a plethora of employers and businesses within our network, whilst ensuring alignment between qualifications, compensation, goals and values.

Our Approach

We work in highly effective, ever-changing teams, based on the country of origin of the candidate and the designated country. All teams are backed by our legal department. We meet employers and business with structured processes designed to met their now- and future demands.

Our Mission

We aim to raise the bar for candidate satisfaction and meet the actual needs of relocating professionals. In collaboration with employers and business, we pursue a future with high focus on agile and flexible processes.

Our Vision

We envision a future, where both employers and candidates feel valued and heard throughout the recruitment process. Transparency and accountability are our company’s greatest values.

IT Recruitment servicing the Scandinavian countries with emphasis on successful on-boarding and acclimation.



(+45) 91 528 555

Office hours 10-17 (GMT+1)

Our main office is located in Esbjerg, Denmark