Moving to another country can be daunting! How does one land the job, let alone arrange accomodation. The challenges are numerous and one can quickly feel alone in this endeavour. Building a whole new life in another country is both exciting and terrifying, especially if you don’t speak the language of the locals. Luckily, you can get by on english in most european countries.

Most of us, who leave, do so in the hopes of building a better future for ourselves and our families. Having the right educational background or work experience is often the entry ticket into these more prosperous countries, and if you’re an EU-citizen – even easier.


If you got it, flaunt it

Marketing yourself isn’t taught in school and most societies ingrain in us to be humble and not to brag about our accomplishments. However, these virtues are often a great disadvantage when job hunting.


We’ve got you, Boo

Our organisation has specialized in helping you overcome those pesky barriers that can seem too high to climb. In most cases, we’ll have a fellow countryman of yours ready to assist you in your native language and who has dealt with whatever challenges you may face in the process of applying at foreign firms and relocating for a job. Even after you’ve landed the job, we still consider you one of our own, meaning we’re always at your disposal.


Effective Job Search

Applying for jobs is time-consuming and motivation often comes to a halt, when you’ve written one job-specific application after another without acquiring the results you were hoping for. Researching the company, writing specificly about how your values align with those of the company’s is draining and one can only do so much with the little leasure time most of us have. Applying to hundreds of jobs with with well-written applications just isn’t feasible and spending days on perfecting an application takes away time you could have spent on another application – or even better, expanding your skill set.


Prioritising Your Time

At Europe Marketing Association, we see a future that leaves job-specific applications in the past. A future, where you focus solely on your general profile and acquiring new skills and where the job comes to you, not the other way around. Why spend time only to get rejected, when employers could select among candidates and only call upon those, whom they’re actually interested in.