Guidelines for the best professional picture

Recruiters come across less than thought-out profile pictures more often than they care for. The selection typically ranges from mismatching colour schemes to the cut-outs from a party scene. While most try to overlook these errors in judgement, it doesn’t leave the first impression you want. When you look at your resumé as a whole, the picture should blend in naturally. By using a white background, you can easily either blend it into a traditional white resumé or you can cut out the background all-together. Make sure you crop the picture, so it is only your upper chest and head that is visible.

We have gathered the most beneficial tips for making a better first impression. After all, presentation is everything these days. Find out what works for you and follow your gut, but be critical.

The non-verbal signals

Our brain automatically create an impression of someone, long before we think we’re making a decision of our perception. Get a head start by tapping into common psychological behavior and use it to your advantage.

Why the blue shirt?

Simple. Banks have been using our emotional connections with colour for years. Blue represent calmness, stability, trust and smarts. When in doubt, go with blue.

The check-list

  • Make sure the lighting is flattering and your face is well-light
  • Wear an ironed, blue button shirt
  • If you’re naturally pale, exercise a bit to get some colour in your cheeks
  • If you have long hair, consider not wearing your hair down
  • Smile without showing too much teeth
  • If you’re wearing make-up, go for a natural look
  • Crop your picture wisely